March 3 - Give Time to Your Priorities

You have dreams, activities, and relationships that are meaningful to you. They matter a lot, and you feel happy thinking about them ... they are your priorities. When you nurture them, you're not only more cheerful, but you feel more positive about yourself. It's an act of self-care to devote time to what you value.

Despite appearances to the contrary, you really are in charge of your schedule. You can give attention to whatever you choose, and we angels will keep interruptions away and help ensure that your responsibilities are met.

Acknowledge any fears and insecurities that trigger procrastination, and know that they're perfectly natural and normal emotions that merely represent a resistance to happiness and nothing more. Lovingly laugh at your concerns, and then move ahead with your beloved dreams.Even spending a few moments on what's important to you can elevate your mood, self-esteem and energy levels. Devoting time to your priorities then becomes a healthy new habit that you develop gradually, so have patience with yourself if you occasionally backslide on your way to giving them your full attention.

Thought for Today

I give time to my priorities. I set everything else aside and devote myself to enjoying what matters most. I take baby steps in the direction of my heart's true dreams.