March 29 - Take It Easy

Sometimes you struggle and strain to achieve so much that you unwittingly block yourself. This is especially true when you want something so badly that you try over and over again to make it happen.

The universe responds to the fear implanted into the energy of struggle. The underlying anxiety that maybe what you desire won't materialize is mirrored back to you in the form of limitations, delays, and unsatisfactory manifestations.

That's why surrendering brings about immediate results. When you deliver your wish to the universe, you also release the fears that previously blocked you. Letting go is a statement that says, "I know my wish is manifesting in the best possible way, even if I'm not certain exactly how it will happen." This faith is akin to opening the front door and welcoming your desire into your home.

Take it easy today, and allow the universe to do the work of creating your dreams. Your job was done once you made the wish, so turn it over to God and enjoy the creative ways in which your prayers are answered.

Thought for today

I relax and surrender all of my desires to God. The infinite wisdom and love of the Divine always provides for my needs in exactly the right way. I breathe easily and open my arms to receive with full faith.