March 28 - Forgive a Resentment

When someone's behavior triggers pain, you may hold resentment toward that person. Yet you only hurt yourself with this emotion, as it lowers your energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. Any unkind words or deeds that an individual directs toward you are only a reflection of that person; his or her behavior is not a statement about the true you.

When people act unkindly, they eclipse light and love from their life, which then attracts more experiences that fuel their discontent. The more unlovable people seem to be, the more that they need love, which heals unhappiness and ignites warmth in their hearts.

This does not mean, however, that you must spend time in the company of those who seem to behave unkindly toward you. You can send them caring thoughts from a safe distance and still accomplish your goal. When you direct love toward someone whom you previously resented, healing occurs on three levels:

1. It frees you from the pain and anguish of anger.

2. It breaks undesirable patterns, since you always attract what you think about.

3. It helps heal the other person.

Forgive someone today. The benefit you derive from doing so far exceeds any pleasure that holding on to the resentment may have afforded. Let it go and be free!

Thought for Today

I forgive, releasing the first resentment that comes to mind. I turn old anger into the energy of healing love. I am willing to forgive.