March 27 - Honor Your Agreements

Whenever you honor your agreements, your inner self smiles. Your confidence is increased each time you keep a promise because you learn to have faith in yourself.

As you treat others with respect and fairness, so too does the universe deliver the same back to you - in other words, your actions are investments in your own self and future. They teach you that as long as you continue to act wisely through honorable deeds, you can trust others and the world.

The most important promises are the ones that you make to yourself. When you pledge to make positive changes, adopt healthier habits, and the like, your inner self becomes excited as a child whose parents have promised a fun reward. When you keep these commitments to yourself, your soul feels safe and loved, and it shines with happiness.

Today, keep your promises to yourself and others. The effort involved in doing it is worth it because of the rewards that you'll reap ... we promise!

Thought for Today

I keep my promises to myself and others. I honor my agreements and stand by my word, and it feels good.