March 26 - Take a Stroll

Something magical happens when you take a walk. Your mind relaxes, your tension level is lowered, and you notice details in your surroundings.

The very act of walking is a rhythmic meditation that helps you hear yourself think. When you share this activity with a friend, your conversations add a therapeutic element as well. You end up feeling refreshed, renewed, and grateful that you took this opportunity for self-care.

Make time for a stroll today, which is a slower version of walking for fitness. Meander awhile, stop to chat with neighbors for a few minutes, and allow yourself the luxury of smelling roses or petting animals along the way. This may not be cardiovascular exercise, but it does increase your heart's capacity for love.

Thought for Today

I take a stroll anywhere my heart desires. I walk at an unhurried pace and stop to notice my surroundings, connect with nature, and talk to others. I allow myself the gift of time as I take a relaxed and leisurely walk.