March 25 - Give Yourself Permission

As a child, you waited for grown-ups to give you direction and permission to do things, acquiescing to their authority. This habit has continued into adulthood - there's still a part of you waiting for others to give their OK.

Today, regain full command of your schedule, activities, and life. You're your own authority figure now, and you can give yourself the go-ahead to follow your dreams and inner guidance.

What would you like permission to do? Know that you have the power to follow your Divine guidance without seeking approval from others. You can make life decisions that will increase your health, happiness, and peace.

We angels will help you with this process if you'll only ask. We can support your courage and strength to make changes, but ultimately it's up to you. You can do it!

Thought for Today

I give myself permission to take charge of my life and make the changes that bring joy to my heart. I'm my own authority figure, and i have the right to follow my inner Divine guidance.