March 24 - Review What You've Learned

When you were young, your parents probably asked you, "What did you learn today?" and you'd then recount some lesson from school. But even when you denied having learned anything, deep down you knew that you'd discovered something new.

You gain wisdom from all life experiences, including the challenging ones. When you look back on painful events, stop and ask yourself, What did I learn? This question will help you see the gift within the situation, and you'll know that you didn't undergo anything in vain.

Every circumstance teaches you patience, compassion, strength, and other valuable lessons. Take a moment to review the knowledge that you've gained lately. What did you learn yesterday? How about today? All lessons are valuable treasures that you can never lose, so enjoy and appreciate them.

Thought for Today

I see the gift within every experience, extracting what can be learned from each relationship and situation. Like a diver finding a beautiful pearl, I value life's lessons.