March 23 - Feed the Birds

We angels work closely with birds to send you messages of love. When you see a bird exhibiting unusual behavior or find feathers in unexpected locations, you can be sure that we're behind it.

There's a reason why we're depicted with wings, as both we and the birds soar above all seeming limitations and problems. Yet we always keep a watchful eye below: We may not be experiencing the struggles, but we're supporting you through everything that happens.

When you interact with birds, you can feel our energy more clearly. These creatures help you commune with nature angels and archangels, along with your guardian angels and ancestors. So feed the birds today, and spend some time in their company. They'll appreciate your generosity, and you'll benefit from their sweet songs, presence, and energy.

Thought for today

I feed the birds and feel my heart become light as a feather, noticing the angelic signs that come to me. I allow my spirit to fly as freely as a bird.