March 22 - Smell the Roses

The phrase "Stop and smell the roses" is synonymous with enjoy life, and this is the message that we angels continuously communicate to you. Today, though, we're taking this guidance one step further and asking you to take this advice literally.

 The fragrance of these flowers enters your nostrils and goes straight to your heart. Roses help you blossom into the full manifestation of loving feelings. This is the reason they are associated with romantic love.

Today make it a point to breathe in this powerful scent. Find some sweet smelling ones and deeply inhale the gift of their essence. Notice how their various colors evoke different emotions. Which one holds the most attractive fragrance for you?

Bring the energy of these flowers home by purchasing or planting them, or by buying a vial of pure rose essential oil. Remember to inhale this healing odor often throughout the day, and stay aware of your heart's abundant joy.

You may notice a floral scent occurring in the rooms where no physical blooms exist. That's our signal to you that we're nearby, and it's a reminder for you to take time to follow today's advice.

Thought for Today

I stop and smell the roses, making the time to deeply inhale their delicious fragrance. I give myself this gift in order to nurture myself into an awareness of love. It is safe for me to open my heart.