March 21 - Release Your Fears

All fears are based in the belief that you're isolated and alone. You may be afraid that you can't do something or won't attain what you want, but your concerns are rooted in fallacies. You're eternally connected to God, angels, and other people - no one is ever alone. You always have powerful allies at your side who are ready to help you if you ask.

Since you're plugged into the ultimate energy of the universe, you're a powerful creator of your wishes, desires, thoughts, and feelings. Today, we angels would like to work with you to purge yourself of fear, which is the only reason why your prayers and affirmations don't seem to manifest. Anytime you become aware of insecurities, please inhale deeply, and the mentally call upon us as you breathe out. Bu doing so, you're blowing your unease away to us. Keep exhaling your fears until you feel a renewed sense of peacefulness.

We can help you reveal your true underlying self, the part of you that's confident, assures, and strong in the knowledge that you have all the love, power, and support you could ever need.

Thought for Today

I release old fears, for they were never part of my true self. I am strong now and forever. I own my power with love and grace, fueling it with my caring thoughts, positive emotions, and complete faith.