March 20 - Notice Your thoughts

We angels are here to guide you to the answers to all your prayers.Yet we alone can't bring your desire s to you - your cooperation is also completely necessary. If you ask for something but at the same time are afraid to receive it, we can't bring it to you. Your fear creates barriers for the manifestation of your prayers.

We can, however, help you overcome your concerns - just ask! Anytime you feel that you're in a push-pull situation with yourself, call upon us to conquer the inner turmoil. This begins with noticing your thoughts, so be aware of the meandering of your mind, leading you to both happy and fearful places.

Your body will signal whenever you become afraid: your muscles will tighten, your breath will shorten, and your pulse will increase. This is the time to ask us for help. The moment you think about angels, your mind is flooded with the energy of love, which is part of the turnaround process.

Notice your thoughts today. If you become afraid, think, Angels, please help me have peaceful thoughts, and we'll come to your assistance immediately. We can't and won't control your mind; we will, however, elevate your energies so that they reflect your true Divinity. In that way, your thoughts are love based. which attracts and create positive experiences.

Thought for Today

I notice my thoughts, and i engage in conversations with my angels throughout the day. I really ask for, and am open to receiving, help in keeping my intentions crystal clear and consistent. I wholly welcome with open arms all of my desires and answered prayers.