March 18 - Feel Your Wishes Coming True!

You don't need to strain, or struggle for anything. The energy of trying too hard can drive good away from you, while the strength of gratitude can draw positive things to you. You can easily accomplish a lot by holding the feeling and thought of being thankful that your wish is already granted. Don't worry about how this dream will come to be - simply imagine it as already being true. The more emotion, passion, and fervor you can put into your gratitude, the more quickly you'll make your desires a reality.

Every longing sends an etheric version of itself into the universe, while its essence stays next to you and solidifies into material form. The more energy you put into your wish, the faster it's manifested. But negativity, pessimism, and doubt erase it, turning it back into cloudlike ether.

Nurture your desires today by thinking about them often and surrounding them with positive thoughts and emotions. Say "Thank You" to the universe for continuously supporting you in all ways.

Thought for Today

All of my wishes come true! I give thanks that everything I dream of - and more - is now a reality. I feel warm gratitude, bubbling excitement, and deep faith throughout my mind and body. I nurture all of my dreams, knowing that by doing so, I'm tending the garden of my wishes.