March 17 - Value Yourself

You're a radiant jewel in the crown of heavenly creations, and your light shines brightly in our midst. We angels watch over you with admiration, respect , and great love - it's natural for us to want the very best for you.

We sometimes observe you making compromised choices for yourself, believing that you don't deserve better. You fear that if you receive good, you'll take away from someone else or yourself. Beloved, believe us when we say that as you give to yourself, so you also give to others. You and the entire human race share one spirit, one breath, and one truth. It is impossible to separate what you do to yourself and what you do for others - it's like trying to nurture and feed only certain leaves on a tree! That's impossible, of course. but it's exactly what you're trying to do when you attempt to put yourself last.

Nurture yourself as a way of caring for your family, friends, and the entire population. Value yourself as a means of cherishing everyone on earth; honor yourself in order to pay tribute to all others.

The more you give to yourself, the more you feel great love - and that emotion is key to happiness and peace. It doesn't mean that you think. I'm better than others; rather, it signifies, I love that which I see in myself and others. Your self-care extends the joyful spark of creation for the benefit of all.

Thought for Today

I value myself, for I know that God created me perfectly, inside and out. The more I realize my true Divine perfection, the more I am able to love - and the more, in turn, I can cherish and heal others.