March 15 - Surprise Someone

Just as you like present surprises, other people also enjoy receiving something that wasn't anticipates. Planning such a gift is an act of nurturing love: You receive inspiration as to the nature of the treat, spend time organizing its elements, and then experience of joy of sharing it with the recipient. Spontaneous surprises such as a heartfelt compliment or an unexpected offer of help are also invaluable.

When you give to another person, you're in truth giving to yourself, as you and the receiver are one. You're also putting energy out into the universe signaling that you enjoy happy surprises yourself. Life responds in kind by delivering wonderful delights yo you in abundant flow of giving and receiving.

Enjoy the unexpected today, both in what you give and what you receive. Stay alert and notice anything beautiful or unusual ... surprises come in many forms.

Thought for Today

I take great delight in creating a happy surprise for someone special. As we share this gift, we are momentarily transported to a place of childhood awe, and the universe delivers wonderful things to me as well.