March 14 - Daydream

When you let your thoughts float as free as kites on a summer breeze, you never know what creative inspiration you'll encounter. So give your imagination a long leash, and watch where it takes you today.

Great works of art are conceived of during daydreams by people who have courage to merely observe (instead of trying to control) their thoughts. Begin by setting an intention, and then get quiet and comfortable. Think about a "What-If" scenario where all limits are lifted - imagine that your greatest dream is realized, and continue the story from there.

The magic of this process is that it continuously connects you to the Universal Mind, a process that usually occurs by accident. Keep paper and pen nearby so that you can write about your experiences in a "daydream journal." Although it's often considered a frivolous activity, you'll find wonderfully down-to-earth instructions, guidance, and answers during each session. Sweet daydreams!

Thought for Today

I daydream and take a journey to magical places where I experience wondrous adventures and infinite possibilities. I allow myself to wander and grow, breaking free of previous limits. When I let my mind soar, I reach up to heaven and bring it down to Earth.