March 13 - Slow Down

Trying to stuff to many items into a closet only results in frustration, and it's the same way when you overschedule yourself. To combat potential problems, you go faster and focus on just getting through your day's activities instead of enjoying them.

That's why we angels are guiding you to break this cycle by enjoying a "slow day". Like a leisurely dance that evokes deep feelings, allow your decreased pace to reconnect you with the richness within each moment. For instance, enjoy the smiles you elicit as you allow someone to go ahead of you in line, wave to let in other drivers waiting to exit a parking lot, and let other people talk while you listen.

Take your time, and notice any differences between your mood today and the way you normally feel. Remove your watch, cover up the clocks and calendars, and enjoy the timelessness that is the true nature of the universe.

Thought for Today

I slow down and notice the details and pleasures of life. I delight in allowing others to go ahead of me, and I feel compassion to those who are scurrying to get things done. I regain my sense of childhood awe as I venture into timelessness.