March 11 - Plant a Seed

A plant is a wonderful symbol of your life! The way the tiny seedling sprouts beneath the soil and pushes up to follow the light mirrors so many aspects of your own development.

That's why we're guiding you to plant a seed today - literally. Purchase a packet of them at the market, or use one from fresh fruit or vegetable. Before you put your seed in the earth, bring to mind a new project that you intend to begin. Hold the seed in your hand, and infuse it with prayers both for you and the plant. Then ceremoniously place it in the soil.

Nurture both the seedling and your new intention. Although you can't see the growth below the soil yet, changes are occurring. The fledgling plant needs care to coax it to the surface - and so it is with your aspiration. As you tend to your garden, also take daily action steps related to your goal.

Thought for Today

I plant a seed and take one step in the direction of my dreams. I nurture both the plant and my aims. My angels are working behind the scenes on my behalf right now.