March 1 - Pray

Prayer means communicating with the Divine through dialogue. It's your method of conveying your hopes, dreams, and wishes to the spirit world, where we angels love to assist all. You don't need to tell us what you desire, for it is apparent to all who are attuned to you. However, Divine decree states that you must give us the signal that you're approachable and amenable to receiving help. That's all we wait for, and then our assistance is yours.

Prayer can help you clear the air within yourself during times of confusion or indecision. It's a process of self-reflection and honesty in which you let your guard down and admit your deepest feelings and desires.

Although we already know your true feelings, this is a means of communicating with Spirit - especially your higher self - with a deep sense of acceptance. This allows you to bring your shadows to the light, where you discover that there's nothing to fear.

Prayer is an act of surrendering, asking for help, and being open to receiving assistance. This receptivity allows the Great Light to come streaming into your consciousness, where your thoughts and emotions are lifted to higher levels.

Thought for Today

I pray that I can open my heart to receive. I ask for help, guidance, and answers; and I discuss my deepest fears, desires, and emotions with Spirit.