February 6 - Notice Beauty

There is an infinite beauty within and surrounding you at all times. It holds great power, which you can tap in to and benefit from. As you notice this beauty, it immediately lends you its energy. You may find it in nature's colors, in your interactions with others, or in human creations. You might also notice it in the way that experiences synchronistically line up that you can see the Divine order in everything that happens to you.

You're a being of great beauty. You take our breath away with your glowing inner light, your loving intentions, and the radiant blessings you bring to others! This shines in your smile, face, posture, actions, and heart.

Dedicate today to beauty. As you keep it in mind throughout the day, you'll automatically spread it wherever you go. This force purifies your thoughts, emotions, and intentions, as you realize that it's Divine - and that everyone and everything is art of one beautiful spirit.

Thought for Today

I notice beauty everywhere i go and in everything O do. There is great beauty in me, in everyone I encounter, and within every situation. All I need to do in order to mine this beauty is to look for it.