February 4 - Turn Negativity into Positive Energy

Worry, anger, resentment and the like are called "negative emotions' because they drain away time and energy - that is, their negativity refers to their energy direction. Conversely, since feelings ssch as joy, elation, and hope increase your power levels, they're called "positive".

Worry is so commonplace that it's essentially a normal human habit. Yet its effects are undesirable, including stress, tension, aging, addictions, sleeplessness and time consumption. And the same is true for all negative emotions.

You can transfer these feelings into positive ones by remembering this: Usually anxiety is the  basis of a negative emotion. It's a fear of losing something or someone, or having it withheld from you. It's an affirmation that some power other than yourself is in control.

What if, instead of succumbing to worry, you stopped and prayed for help instead? The effects of your prayer can rapidly stop the cause of your distress, bring you real and lasting assistance, and transmit positive energy to you.

Though for Today

I meet worry with prayer. Instead of imagining the worst that could happen, I ask for help. I expect the best and visualize success. The moment that I feel down, I reach upward instead.