February 28 -Meditate

Approach meditation with ease and as a joyous escape - after all, you practice this activity naturally during moments of daydreaming or lucid awareness. Be unconcerned with rules or guidelines lest this become a chore or drudgery, Instead, allow your mind to quiet itself at its own pace, and compassionately let your body slow down of its own accord - this is meditation. It's a time when your mind is completely connected to your heavenly home. Think of it as hooking up to a fuel station, where you're filled with energy, ideas, and tranquility.

There are countless ways to calm your mind, and as we just mentioned, you shouldn't burden yourself with worries about your specific method. That you meditate is more important than how you do so. Closing your eyes and breathing deeply is one technique, as is sitting in front of an altar or relaxing outdoors in nature.

The words meditate and medicate share the same root for good reason, since they're both approaches to health. Meditation is your free and portable;e healing agent whose only side effects are peace of mind and rejuvenation. Approach it as you would a delicious meal, for it's a true spiritual banquet. Enjoy your tranquil moments today in the spirit of feeding your needs and desires.

Thought for Today

I meditate in whatever way feels most comfortable and natural. I am metally at ease and fully connected to Spirit. I allow myself the freedom to quiet my mind and listen.