February 27 - Give Your Imagination Free Rein

The inner world of your imagination is like a clear, deep lake fed by the rivers of your emotions, physical feelings, experiences, and thoughts. It's the meeting ground for your reactions to life.

You may have heard derogatory references to the imagination that call it "invalid" or "unreal". Yet it is your God-connection headquarters, allowing you to wander far from your physical senses and explore other reals. Your imagination pieces together the seemingly impossible and illogical until it brings about new creations.

Have no worries that your mental explorations could mislead you, for true imagination is borne upon the wings of angels. It's pure and childlike in the very best sense. It's also untamed and unrestricted - even when you try to retrain your creative self. It's constantly at work during dream time and moments of peaceful contemplation.

Allow the world of your fantasies to run free, and notice its ingenious creations. They're gifts from Spirit that are conceived and incubated mentally and then born into material reality. When you unleash your imagination, you liberate yourself ... and you're then able to live without limits and soar.

Thought for Today

I give my imagination free rein. I courageously notice all of my creative visions, thoughts, and feelings, and I nurture them with love. I am completely supported by Spirit in all ways.