February 25 - Surrender Your Cares

Your cares are too heavy a burden to shoulder by yourself. Imagine a large silk sheet spread out before you, and place all of your worries onto it. Then roll up the sheet and hand it to us. When you're done, notice the lightness that you feel.

We'll take your cares heavenward. Once they're moved to a higher plane, your outlook will be uplifted as well. This new perspective will help you think clearly and creatively, allowing you to attract and manifest all the good you desire.

Instead of wrestling with mind-clouding cares and strains, give them all to us. As a united team who works with precision by your side, we can never undermine your free will. We can, however, allow you to exercise your highest ideals.

Let this be your last day of needlessly and single-handedly carrying burdens. Allow us to take the weight completely from your shoulders and lift your mind and heart to the light.

Thought for Today

I surrender my concerns by deciding that harmony comes from love, not worry. I am carefree and lighthearted as I release the burdens I've been carrying. I now allow God and the angels to gently and lovingly lift away all worries. I feel centered and peaceful.