February 23 - Shake Up Your Routine

Although routines are comforting, they can also blind you to life's variety. Habitual patterns dull your senses to anything out of the ordinary. Awaken your awareness, and feel extra alive by shaking up your regular activities.

Have fun by creatively changing everything today. Exchange your usual schedule, your normal eating habits, and your accustomed manners for novel ways of doing things. You may feel awkward as you try something new, but you'll also have the exhilaration of exploring fresh ways to live. You'll probably return to some of your comfortable routines, yet you'll very likely incorporate fresh approaches as well. In other words, through the process of experimentation, you may discover wonderful new ways to live.

One reason why holidays and vacations are so invigorating is that they involve the exploration of new places, people, food, and leisure activities. You can create this same energy by changing things up right now.

Thought for Today

I shake up my routines and look for unusual ways to spend my time. I try new methods and approaches, and I discover fresh ways to live. I let go of the old and embrace the new.