February 21 - Connect with the Nature Angels

The beings overseeing the plant, mineral, and animal kingdom are known as fairies, elementals, and nature angels, and they're as solid and real as you are. Like you, these creatures have important roles. Chiefly, they ensure harmony and sustenance within what you call "nature", and they can help you grow and thrive as well.

They bring a spirit of adventure and playfulness to the planet, which you can tap in to simply by spending time outdoors, among plants, or with animals (domestic or wild). Since these spirits reside on the earth, they're compassionate listeners and helpers with material matters. They're happy to assist you with issues involving love and money, for example.

The elementals can serve when a person sincerely desires to support nature's causes by engaging in recycling, kindness towards animals, and the like. These actions engender the nature angels' favor, and once this is gained, it will earn you many rewards.

Spend time with these angels today. Give your relationship an opportunity to develop, as you would with new human acquaintances, and you'll grow to trust, help, and love each other over time. As you become closely associated with the elementals, you'll begin to share their lighthearted and magical outlook toward life, which is a healthy approach indeed!

Thought for Today

I connect with the nature angels. I enjoy spending time with plants and animals, and I mentally speak to the elementals and allow them to get to know me at their own pace. I notice the feelings in my heart and body that confitm that I truly am connecting with these magical and loving beings. I give thanks for their presence in my life snd on this planet.