February 2 - Polish the Jewels Inside Your Thoughts

In everything you do, you're eternally supported. At times you may not feel this way, believing that you're struggling within a lonely world. You may feel as if heaven has abandoned you and your prayers have gone unanswered, yet the universal energy holds you up by outpicturing all of your thoughts and feelings. Many times we watch idly by while you make choices that we wouldn't wish upon you - however, your free will dictates that you receive everything you think about. That's because you're a creator, and you continually generate whatever you're contemplating.

Upon your request, we angels are available to guide you toward an enjoyable pattern of creation. Call upon us to polish the jewels inside your thoughts and feelings, for within every fear or worry is a shining energy of love. We can guide you to consciously create experiences that bring high joy and blessings.

Today be aware of your amazing power of manifestation. Know that in everything you think and feel, the entire universe is fully supporting you.

Thought for Today

I know that I am fully supported right now and everything is given to me at my request. Through my thoughts and emotions, I call forth my experiences, and I am able to focus on joy.