February 19 - Connect with Archangel Ariel

Since Ariel oversees nature and the environment, she shares similar attributes with fairies. She's demure yet powerful - feminine in her gracefulness and strength, and magical in her ability to make wishes appear in material form.

Ariel helps ignite wondrous awe and utter faith, much like you enjoyed in childhood. She shows you how belief in the Divine is now a conscious decision that lets you escape from the rigid thinking that may thwart your efforts upon manifestation.

Today, call upon Ariel to reawaken your sense of childlike wonder and awe. After you do so, allow yourself to follow your inner guidance to dance, sing, or play as these actions will spur the progression of your dreams.

Thought for Today

I call upon Archangel Ariel and allow my imagination to sparkle and shine with endless possibilities. I let myself believe in magic, and I cast away all limits in my thinking and beliefs.