February 18 - Know That You Are Valuable

You are God's miracle in human form - the living embodiment of Divine love and will. Is it any wonder that angels are assigned to be by your side, like the guards at Fort Knox? You are valuable, beloved one, and cherished beyond compare. We angels know your true essence, and it's entirely perfect.

You are a golden child sent to Earth because your very existence and breath manifests love upon this planet. Every kind thought, word, or action on your part has healing effects.

You are valuable not only to God and us, but to everyone else as well. On a soul level, every person knows that you are here for a worthwhile purpose. Even if someone doesn't show understanding or appreciation of you on the surface level, that individual's spirit knows your worth.

Every one of God's children is a priceless miracle - and that definitely includes you.

Thought for Today

I am highly valuable. God cherishes me a great deal, for I am a miracle of love. My worth is justified simply by virtue of my being alive. I am treasured for who I am right now.