February 15 - Call Upon Archangel Raphael

Since Raphael's aim is focused on healing, his energy has a curative effect. You can also focus your intention in this way, as can anyone else who wants to project a therapeutic presence. Simply affirm and pray daily that you can serve as a healing agent for others, and it becomes true. This is because your output matches your input - in other words, what you pray and intend for yourself shows up in your energy field and experiences. This is the basis of all healing.

You can also call upon Raphael to increase your resolve to mend yourself and others. If your faith waivers or your mind wanders into negativity, he can remind you of your purpose. This archangel can also guide and direct you in all activities and aspirations that promote well-being.

Today, call upon Raphael to soothe and ease your mind. He can calm any worries you have about illness, relationships, or other areas of your life. And as you regain a peaceful mind-set, healing will dawn on your horizon.

Thought for Today

I call upon Archangel Raphael to help me hold and emit the beneficial energy of peace. Raphael, please come to me now and guide my healing work; help me heal as confidently as you do.