February 14 - Open Your Heart - Happy Valentine's Day

You were made out of love by a caring Creator. Everything about you is based in love, and feeling it means that you're aware of your own self. You encounter God when you experience love, but to do so, your heart must be open - which may seem difficult or dangerous if you've closed yourself off for protection against emotional pain.

We angels can help you open up in a way that feels safe and secure. Go at your own pace with us as your steady guides and we'll sweep away old pain and resentment as we guide you to trustworthy situations and relationships. All we need is for you to stay in close communications with us, telling us about your wishes and emotions. (Although we already know what you're feeling, we can't act on your desires without your consent.)

An open heart is God's most beautiful creation, because it reflects heavenly love on Earth.

Thought for Today

I willingly receive the love of God. I allow myself to feel it now, because it is safe for me to be cherished. I ask my angels to help me guard my open heart and to guide me in all my relationships. I listen to and follow my Divine guidance.