February 13 - Call Upon Archangel Michael

All angels are powerful, just as all humans are, and Archangel Michael is revered as being especially strong because he chooses to shine purely and reflect the Creator's great energy. His purpose is as large as his stature. He lends you his strength during those times when you've momentarily forgotten your own power. His deep love envelopes you protectively, shielding you from any manifestations of fear.

Call upon Michael to stay by your side today. Ask him to give you strength and courage, especially when you consider pursuing your deepest desires. He can help you walk safely through the doorway of life changes.

Speak to Michael about your fears, doubts, or insecurities you may have. He'll sweep them away and fan the flames of your inner fire, showing you the energy and power that eternally resides within you.

Thought for Today

I call upon Archangel Michael throughout the entire day. I give him anything that bothers me and ask him to help me feel safe. I request that he protect and guide me in the new areas of my life. I am supported by courage, strength, and faith.