February 12 - Tithe

The energy of this planet is twofold and can be summarized by a simple illustration of giving and receiving. The force of the former is magnificent to behold, extending your light outward so that its embers burn more boldly and brightly , similar to adding fuel and oxygen to a fire. The power of receptivity is cooler, yet equally beautiful to witness, evoking the feeling of blue light on snow and ice. It draws sustenance inward, where it can be gratefully utilized, before spreading energy outward again through the process of giving. Both forces help one another - that is, you need to give in order to receive, and vice versa. This cycle is woven so deeply into the fabric of physical existence that to boost the flow of what you're receiving, you simply need to increase your giving.

Tithing is the ancient tradition of contributing 10 percent of your income to a cause of your choice, yet it means so much more energetically, for you can give in many ways. If you long for more time, then volunteer your hours helping others. If you desire more clothing, furniture or other material goods, then donate similar items to charities or individuals in need. If you'd like more money, then make a financial donation as you feel guided.

 Bestowing gifts jump-starts the abundance that's always pulsating throughout the physical universe. It goes to work immediately for all who move with these natural cycles. Give with great joy today - not for the purpose of receiving, but for the pure enjoyment of life's inherent rhythmic flow.

Thought for Today

I tithe out of my heart's genuine desire to give, because sharing is my natural state. I efforlessly give and receive for the joy of it.