February 10 - Breathe Deeply

Breath is the bridge connecting the spiritual and physical worlds. Your respiration carries your spiritual sustenance into your physical self, which feeds your soul, mind, and body. Deep breaths are akin to taking a holiday, which is why they're called "breathers". Become aware of your breathing, and deepen it right now. Pause between inhalation and exhalation, delighting in the deliciousness of the air.

Fill your life with fresh air: Spend time in the country, place live plants in your home and office, or invest in an air purifier. Keep in mind that the environment near running water (including your shower or bathtub)is filled with powerful molecules that support your health and happiness.

Make a point today to stay aware of the rhythm and rate of your breathing. If you experience stress, be sure to inhale deeply. The oxygen relaxes your body, invigorates your energy levels, and leads to creative insights and solutions.

Thought for Today

I breathe deeply.

I consciously inhale with great gusto and exhale with joy.