December 7 - Trust That Your Prayers Are Being Answered

Although you may not see the results, your prayers are being answered. The universe is currently working behind the scenes on your behalf, and the manifestation of your desire is imminent.

Your role in the meantime is to maintain faith and follow your inner guidance: the rest is up to God and us angels. We’re very happy to work to support you in the name of love and peacefulness. As you ascend in happiness, We’re elevated right along with you, so is it any wonder that we work diligently to boost your joy?

God’s will is radiated like beams of the sun, ensuring elation for all. As we guide you along the warm pathways of love, your answered prayers spring up before you like flowers.

Thought for Today

All my prayers are heard and answered. I trust and have faith that they’re manifesting into form right now. I release any worries or fears to God and the angels, for I trust Spirit to perfectly take care of all the details.