December 5 - Enjoy Eternal Love

The affection that you’ve shared with another person or animal is a bond that can never be broken. Even in relationships that later soured, the love remains intact - it brought you together for a purpose. The caring that you shared created a magic that lifts you both up eternally, even after the relationship is over.

Love is an everlasting energy that can never dissipate, but will grow and take innumerable forms. Today, ride on the crest of the wave where this emotion has elevated you. Give thanks for the affection that you’ve shared in every relationship … it is a sacred and lasting gift from God.

Thought for Today

I am supported by all the love in the universe. My bonds are eternal; nothing and no one can break them or take them away from me. I am always cherished, and I bless the times that I have shared with my loved ones.