December 4 - Celebrate Your New Beginnings

This is a time of positive change for you. It’s important to focus on what’s coming up, instead of worrying about what you’re letting go of. You’re in a growth cycle, so you may feel overwhelmed as many life lessons come at you at once. However, know that things are starting to calm down for you now.

Today, we angels want to herald and celebrate the new beginnings in your life! You’re venturing into uncharted water, so it’s natural to feel nervous or even afraid. We’re holding your hand through each step, and we won’t let you fall. It’s safe for you to move forward - just keep checking in with your inner guidance, which is the system of communication directly connected to the Divine.

Recast any nervousness into feelings of excitement about all the wonderful possibilities that lie before you. You’re on the threshold of spectacular new opportunities that will enrich your life in undreamed of ways.

Celebrate your new beginnings today, beloved one. They’re the start of something wondrous and beautiful.

Thought for Today

I bless my future and know that it is safe and wonderful. I am excited about all the beautiful new opportunities and possibilities that are open to me. I step forward with the faith that God and the angels continuously walk beside me, and I celebrate my new beginnings today.