December 3 - Know That Your Divine Power Works Perfectly

As a child of God, you inherited spiritual gifts from your Creator, and they work perfectly all the time. Since your power is an extension of God, there could never be a time when it’s blocked or reduced - it’s always radiating at full intensity, ready to be harnessed.

Your power puts your thoughts, feelings, and wishes into action. Since it’s just like a laser beam, you must be cautious about where it’s pointed. Use care in selecting only thoughts that mirror your heart’s desires, and don’t put energy into fears, lest you manifest them into form.

You’re Divinely guided in all that you do with your God-given gift. Today, use it to amplify your caring thoughts and feelings. In a single day, you can greatly increase the amount of love that you experience in your life. Your heavenly power can magnify anything for you, so allow it to be directed toward love.

Thought for Today

My Divine power is always operating perfectly, for it springs directly from God. I aim it toward the magnification and manifestation of my loving desires. It is safe for me to be powerful.