December 30 - Affirm the New Year

What would you like to experience next year? What do you want to change? If you knew that everything were possible and available to you, what would you ask for? Now is the time to invest your energy into the coming months by affirming what you deserve. As we angels have emphasized, anything that you wish for is manifested through the words that you speak, think. or write.

Today, put together a mental or written list of your dreams for the coming year. Turn every goal into an affirmative statement, asserting that your wish is already fulfilled. Thank the universe for the manifestation of these desires, expressing gratitude that the answers to your prayers have exceeded your expectations.

Affirmative Prayer for Today

Thank you, God, angel;s, and the universe for fulfilling all my desires, which are ______________ .I have released worries and doubts about the manifestation of these dreams. I have opened my heart, mind, and arms to receive all the good that the universe offers me now.