December 29 - Review Your Year

We angels would like you to spend today reviewing the past year with you. What stands out in your mind when you think about it? What did you learn? What are some of your favorite memories? What would you like to change and experience in the coming year?

We can help you prepare for the future by taking an honest look at the past. Every situation offers opportunities for you to learn and grow - sometimes the most painful times inspire the greatest changes and improvement in your life.

Regret nothing about the past months. Each moment was a masterpiece, since you lived it as God’s magnificent child. Use your memories as a catalyst to prepare and propel you into an even more amazing future.

We angels are with you through every day of every year, ready to help you upon request.

Thought for Today

I am God’s magnificent child. Every moment that I live is a masterpiece of learning and growth. I use this year’s lessons as a tool and platform for an even more amazing time to come.