December 27 - Enjoy Your Unlimited Nature

Throughout this year, we angels have discussed how we’re unlimited beings who can help you with anything. Today, we’d like to focus on the fact that you also possess unbounded potential. The only restrictions you have are those that you’ve decided on. Sometimes, such choices come from personal beliefs, which - once you’ve adopted them - resulted in your experience of limits.

Hoe could God, the infinite and boundless Creator, make anything that did not share these qualities? Everything and everyone that comes from the Divine is also without constraints.

You have a wide range of abilities that haven’t been discovered or explores. Basically, you’re capable of anything that you can conceive of doing, because all activities are governed by the imagination. In time, you’ll learn to capitalize on this fact, but for today, let’s focus on shedding one restricting belief so that you can experience your infinite nature.

Think for a moment about an area of your life that you feel is missing something. The impression of lack signals a belief in limitations. Anytime that you begin a sentence with, “I don’t have enough …” you’re uncovering a self-imposed restriction.

Look for these ideas in your thoughts such as; “I have plenty of …” and “I possess unlimited …” As we’ve discussed, words are your starting point for manifestation and creation. Affirm your limitlessness, and notice how soon you experience this freedom for yourself.

Thought for Today

I am unlimited in all ways. I shed my belief in restrictions, knowing that everything is possible.