December 26 - Remember to Ask for Our Help

We angels are ready and able to help you with everything today. Never worry about overdoing your requests for our assistance. We’re unlimited beings who can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, so you can as for as much support as you’s like.

We prefer that you request our aid at the outset on anything that you’d do. In this way, we can be involved from the very beginning to ensure smooth operation from start to finish. However, if you forget to cal upon us for help, that’s perfectly fine. we’re able to jump in whenever you ask, even if things have escalated. Anytime is good to request our assistance. We’re always here for you - that’s our purpose.

Thought for Today

I ask my angels for help with all that I do. When I work with heaven, my day goes better. I can request assistance with anything and everything, for my angels love to support me.