December 25 - Embrace Us as Your True Friends

Throughout your life and during every circumstance, we angels cherish and adore you. We never waver from the pure affection we feel for you, because we always see the goodness and beauty that God created - we never look at the illusory surface. Instead, we focus on the brilliant light that radiates within and around you. If you could witness this illumination, you’d see why we love you so much.

Today, know that through everything we’re your true friends. We trust, admire, and respect you for who you are. We’re your constant companions, and wee’ll never leave your side.

Throughout your entire life, you can always be certain that we love you.

Thought for Today

My angels cherish me for who I am right now. I have the light of God inside of me today and every day. As I focus on my inner glow, I am filled with love.