December 24 - Move Forward Fearlessly

You can move forward fearlessly on the path of your dreams, without anxiety or reservation. In everything you do, you’re always protected - as long as you ask us angels for help and then follow the guidance that we give you.

Today, boldly take one step in the direction of your dream. Do so with complete confidence that we will walk by your side. You won’t fall, and if you become afraid, we’ll catch you.

Remember to work with us as eternal teammates, checking in before making decisions or taking actions. We won’t tell you what to do; however, we will give you guidance and helpful suggestions that are always based on love and respect for you. We’re by your side, cheering you on toward the happiness that belongs to you.

Thought for Today

I move forward fearlessly, for my angels protect and guide me. I remember to ask them for help throughout the day, checking in with them frequently.