December 23 - Give Your Cares to God and the Angels

What troubles or worries you, beloved one? Don’t hold onto those feelings single-handedly. Give them to us angels! Take a deep breath right now, feeling our loving presence. On the exhale, blow out all your cares, and we’ll catch them and take them to the light for healing. Once these concerns are released, you’ll feel the freedom of living carefree. This doesn’t entail being irresponsible, as some people painstakingly believe; rather, it means moving through your duties with love, passion, and enthusiasm. Worries drag down your responsibilities, turning them into chores.

Today, be lighthearted by giving us any cares as soon as you become aware of them. Deliver them all to us, and rest easy with the knowledge that heaven is helping you along the way.

Thought for Today

I am totally carefree, giving all worries to God and the angels. I don’t have to do anything by myself, because they’re always with me.