December 22 - Trust Your Inner Knowledge

You already know the answers to questions about your current situation. In stillness, you hear the inner wisdom that guides you, and today we angels counsel you to trust this source. You already know what to do, so your query isn’t a request for new information or even guidance; rather, it asks whether you can trust that your decision will lead in positive new directions.

We’re here today to reassure you of the validity of your inner wisdom. Whatever you’re facing calls on you to act on faith, without knowing very much about your future. That’s why it’s doubly important for you to hold positive expectations about the outcome.

All results are always beneficial in the ultimate sense, because only good things happen in God’s universe. Even the most seemingly dire circumstances bestow blessings on the souls involved.

Your positive expectations help bring about the greatest possible outcome, elevating your experience as you travel toward it.

Thought for Today

I trust my inner knowing. I hold positive expectations about the outcome of the changes that I’m making in my life right now. It is safe for me to act on my inner wisdom.