December 21 - Acknowledge the Genius Within You

Your inner self is wise beyond limits. You’re tapped in to the universal Source, which has access to all knowledge. Your wisdom comes from the same place as any genius who’s ever lived - directly from God’s mind. This is why it’s important to think and speak about yourself lovingly. When you discuss your intelligence, you’re talking about the Creator.

You have a genius within you, just like everyone else. The people who appear to be most brilliant are those who listen to their inner wisdom and put it into action. We angels can assist you in harnessing this part of your store of knowledge. We can help you hear, trust, understand,and act upon it - all you need to do is ask.

Today, revel in the certainty that you’re wise. Even if you don’t currently know something, you can always tap into the information that you seek. Just quiet your mind, think of a question, and listen to the answer that comes to you.

Thought for Today

I have a genius inside of me who is willing to help me at any time. I ask this part of me questions, and i easily hear the answers. I work with my angels to take action based on my inner wisdom without delay.