December 2 - Bless Your Past

Your prior experiences and relationships have given you many gifts of wisdom, learning, strength, patience, and the like. Now is the time to make peace with your past and know that everything happened for a beautifully Divine reason. Have no regrets about what’s occurred, for it makes you the wonderful person you are today.

Bless your past and anything within it that you feel needs healing. Whatever weighs on your mind and body will benefit from your loving intentions today. +

Send healing energy to your life - in every direction of time. Honor your mother, father, and anyone else who comes to mind from your personal history. The more blessings you bestow upon your past, the more gifts you’ll receive in the present.

Thought for Today

I send blessings to everyone and everything in my past. I benefit fro all that I’ve ever experienced. What I’ve gone through has given me wonderful lessons and made me who I am today. I now release my past to God.