December 1 - Put This Situation in God's Hands

The best way to resolve a situation that stirs worry or anger in you is to give it to God. Today, put what’s bothering you into the Creator’s ready and able hands. You don’t need to go through it alone - ever.

Stewing over a situation only makes it more combustible. Releasing the situation to God means that it will be settles in a miraculously harmonious way. It also frees you from the toxic effects of stress and rage.

If you need help in letting go, please call upon us angels. We’ll never interfere with your free will, but we can aid you in seeing the light of all the peaceful options that are available to you.

Thought for Today

I put this situation entirely into the hands of God. I trust in heaven’s wisdom to heal this problem completely, and I release all negative thoughts or feelings. I know that this issue is already perfectly resolved right now in truth.