December 18 - Listen to Your Inner Child

No matter how old you are, the child within you still needs attention, care, and love. All children thrive on praise and wish to express themselves. Today, we angels encourage you to listen to this part of you.

If your spirits or emotions lag, it’s very likely a sigh that your inner child required some attention. When you listen to its needs, the reward is increased energy and joyfulness. Take a moment right now to become still and quiet, think about the little one within you, and notice any feelings that result. Ask it: “How can I care for you today?”

Listen to the response that comes to you as thought, sensation, vision, or words. Your inner child is glad when you listen and feels even better when you take action based on its requests.

Thought for Today

I listen to my inner child, taking the time to play, sing, dance, and rest. I give it excellent care, and as I fulfill its needs, ’m rewarded with energy and joyfulness.