December 17 - Expect Everything to Go Well

Put your entire focus on anticipating that whatever you’re concerned about will go well. Your positive expectations about your situation will steer it in the desired direction.

Remember that worries are influential energies that are perceived as wishes by the universe. When you’re troubled, you draw your anxiety into the experiences. Don’t allow yourself to give into fears - deliver them to us angels instead.

Holding positive or negative expectations takes the same amount of time and effort. The outcome of your current situation is guaranteed to be good, yet your experience of the process of getting to that point is influenced by what you think will happen. If you foresee problems, you’ll come across them along the way; on the other hand, if you anticipate harmony, then that’s what you’ll experience. Either way, everything is going to turn out just fine - but which path would you prefer to take? Your expectations set your course.

Thought for Today

I expect everything to go very well.Peace and harmony are exciting to me, and I deserve to have a happy path to my desired outcome. I allow myself to enjoy the day.